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Getting started with Intersite


company example
Member example
Public home page example


Member - Common drive, upload your files
Member - Picture album, take pictures and share them with your company
Member - Become a member of a company
Member - My calendar
Member - Sign up for event
Member - Sub users (Parent/Child function)

Administrator - Share a picture album on the public page
Administrator - Own sponsors
Administrator - Group members
Administrator - Communicate to company members using Intersite
Administrator - Publish your company to the internet
Administrator - Create event
Administrator - Edit event
Administrator - View signed up participants for an event
Administrator - Add administrators
Administrator - Sign up other users for events
Administrator - Add members
Administrator - Add news
Administrator - Homepage tools


Getting started with CMS

Adding Normal Content To Paragraph
Adding Flash Content To Paragraph
Adding Script Content To Paragraph
Adding Current News Content To Paragraph
Adding NewsArchive Content To Paragraph
Adding RSS Content To Paragraph
Adding Login Panel To Paragraph
Adding Intranet Users To Cms
Adding Webforms In Cms
Adding Webform To Paragraph
Adding iFrame Content To Paragraph
Adding FourParagraphsBrowsing Content To Paragraph

CMS Advanced Design Options Background
CMS Advanced Design Options Page
CMS Advanced Design Options Top Banner
CMS Advanced Design Options Top Menu
CMS Advanced Design Options Text Area
CMS Advanced Design Options Teaser
CMS Advanced Design Options BottomBar
CMS Advanced Design Options News
CMS Advanced Design Options Login
CMS Advanced Design Options Search





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